Glamour for three

Our innovative methods

Glamour For Three, it is the assurance of a serious and dedicated dating agency. Each client being unique, our agency adapts to your needs to find the ideal partner(s)! Wanting to give you the best linking possible, we are very mindful to your answers.

The pre-selection

Firstly, to become a member of our dating agency, you have to fill in our survey. It will allow us to evaluate your glamour side. To do so, go directly on our website on the subscribe page.

We are the first dating agency for a glamour relationship for three! Our agency targets a glamorous, authentic, sensual and most importantly high end clientele.

agence de rencontres poly amoureuses

The interview

The interviews take place by videoconference or by phone with Marion, formed by the famous Love Coach Guerda De Haan, recognized in the world of high-end marriage agencies. To meet her directly, contact the agency for details.

Our innovative method allows you to expose your search criteria and your personal expectations. Indeed, you can tell us by your character, or the type of relationship you are looking for (stable herd, relationships leading to spiritual marriage, poly-conjugal couple with children, etc…). Together and always in a connected way, we will thus fulfill a contract mentioning your criteria

You can sign your contract online. You have the possibility to pay by transfer or by check, after having respected the period of reflection and made your decision.

Upon receipt of payment, we give you 7 days of withdrawal to allow you to change your mind, if you wish. In this case, we will reimburse you in full (excluding travel costs)

Note: Our dating agency reserves the right to refuse access to its services to people who are too far from our selection criteria. And without having to provide any explanation.

Looking for a life time experience

Regarding the research stage, we have a qualitative member file. Depending on your search criteria, we review all the people who could match you.

Once we have listed the members who match your search criteria, we select the most relevant profile in order to schedule an interview.

However, if our file does not contain a profile that corresponds to you, Glamor Pour Tous, polyamour à trois is looking for your soul mate during our events, always on the basis of the search criteria set out in the contract.

How we put people through in our dating agency

Glamour For Three, our dating agency, respects the privacy of its members. Hence, we work without pictures.

When we find a good match for you, we send you the link to their profile, followed by their phone details. Equally, we send your profile and coordinates to this or these person(s). From there, you can start a conversation.

After each rendez vous, we require a phone call from our members.

Knowing that we are forming new relationships and successful love stories is our satisfaction.

Moreover, we follow each three people relationship through the building of their story. If the first meeting, unfortunately, reveals an incompatibility, we will react quickly and efficiently.

Our dating agency for relationships for three, is strongly committed to offer respectful interactions. We require that our members stay polite, respectful and most importantly, keep the discretion before each meeting. 

Hence, we will like to recall our will to link people without pictures. At Glamour For Three, we put forward the personality and the mind of its members, instead of their physical appearance.

The key to find your soulmate lies in your inner beauty

Follow up and counselling

The work of our dating agency does not end with the connection. Indeed, it is important to guide and support you throughout the contract. We offer you connected monitoring after each connection to support you in your quest for love.

At Glamor Pour Tous, if you ever have any questions or if you wish to discuss a particular situation, our Love Coaches can be contacted by phone.

agence de rencontre glamour pour tous

What is the process ?

The first step is to complete your registration by filling the form on our website or to directly contact our dating agency. We will then send you back the form. 

With this form, we are trying to get to know you and see how you react to certains situations. Then, we will plan a video or phone meeting to evaluate your answers, and discover more about your story and your detailed needs. 

contact us by phone : 06 58 47 48 29

contact us by email :

We do an online interview. It is a must to know each other better, understand your needs and build a trust filled relationship. 

The interview lasts for about 1 h 30. Note that it is free and won’t commit you to anything. You can choose between an interview in french or in english, depending on the language you are the most comfortable with. 

AT Glamour For Three, we do online interviews because we know you can be busy, you might not have enough time to come to our offices. So we want to make life easier for you

During the interview, we take notes of all your criterias. In fact, they will become our baseline to find the ideal partner(s) for you. 

As soon as the end of our interview, you can sign your contract online. You will then get two copies. You can also take a few days to think about it and contact our agency once your decision is made.

Note : When payment is done, you have a 7 day opting period. During this period obligated and mandated by the law, you are free to change your mind, no matter the reason. In the event of withdrawal, Glamour For Three will pay you back forthwith. 

We connect you with our verified profiles. Then, we start looking for partners that match your criterias. 

Our researches are done within our client database, our address book, during our events, on the internet, etc. To put it in a nutshell : all means are employed to find your true love story !

According to our policy, in case of unexpected events, you can put your contract on stand-by for the period of time needed, and restart it as you wish. 

They trust us