5 tips to manage your stress during the first date

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How to control your stress during your first date?

You are invited to a one-on-one dinner and are afraid to make a few mistakes… Take a deep breath, we will help you!

Communicate and Confide

To get rid of this overflow of your stress, find a friendly and attentive ear for your fears. Talking will help you to play down the drama of your first date.

Take matters into your own hands and offer to choose your meeting place yourself. A familiar place where you feel comfortable. There is nothing more pleasant than feeling at home when meeting new people. In a familiar place, you will feel confident, which will make you feel even more assertive. The best infallible anti-stress technique!

Your outfit reveals your personality

Now let’s take a look at your outfit. If you are a woman, be classy, feminine, without being vulgar. Choose shoes and a pretty elegant dress in light colors, where you will feel comfortable and to your advantage. If you are a man, choose a comfortable outfit, without looking too casual. Open your collar, because this tip reflects a positive image of yourself. If you’re a couple, add it up! So grab the perfect shirt or dress and get ready to go!

Your stress is all in your mind!

Your evening is almost ready, now you need to “lubricate” your mind. And to do this, nothing could be simpler than to send it positive thoughts. Imagine that this first date goes perfectly. That you share good times, laughter and smiles together. Fill your head only with positive images. Have confidence in yourself and love yourself! Laugh, be curious, tell anecdotes… This way, your charm will seduce.

Breath !

A few breathing exercises will relax your body and mind. What could be better than to feel soothed before the romantic rendez-vous, where you may meet, perhaps, the chosen one of your heart?

Keep in mind that the watchword on this first date is: FUN!

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