Women and their pleasures

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les plaisirs de la femme

Women’s Day

Let’s take advantage of Women’s Day, March 8, to take an interest in her pleasure. Between carnal pleasures and emotions, the woman is a true Fountain of Youth that satisfies the one who tries to quench his thirst. An immortal breath of oxygen, this is how the spirit of Woman can be summed up!

Women are “in love with love”, because they are always seeking attention, the need to be desired, to feel. These are sensations that make them feel alive and happy.

Women and Desire

Desire is a primary need in a relationship, even more so in a woman’s mind. Remind her why you love her? Why is she so irresistible to you? How do you want to give her pleasure? Be imaginative!

Know that these moments of attention, bring to the woman a lot of pleasure and well-being. Your sincere and sensual efforts will be rewarded!

Women loved to be listened

Listening to the loved one(s) is a second essential point. Women need an attentive ear, to tell about their day or share their little worries. Know how to be attentive to your beloved’s ups and downs. Exchange and sharing are fundamental values for a healthy and lasting relationship.


Sex is an integral part of the couple, all the more so as the feminine pleasure is infinite and of unquestionable orgasmic power.

Women are “active” and masters of their own pleasure. Aware of their bodies and the access to pleasure they can generate. During foreplay, gently stimulate her excitement. Is it clitoral or vaginal? Very gently, the alchemy of your bodies will transport you towards a powerful and liberating orgasm. To reach the perfect osmosis, be attentive to your body, because the pleasure also passes by the sharing of speech, tenderness and caresses.

Don’t wait until March 8th to make your sweetheart experience a torrid and unforgettable night, thanks to the advice of the Glamour For All team!

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