Autumn, the best season for sexual relations

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Autumn often rhymes with falling leaves and falling temperatures. But Fall also rhymes with sex! Indeed, according to several studies, we are more in the mood for sexual intercourse at this time of the year.

We explain why fall is the best season for sex in 5 points

Increased libido, for both men and women in Autumn

Numerous studies show that the fall is the period during which we have the most desire for sex. In fact, this is due to the fact that hormone levels are at their highest. Testosterone rises in men and estrogen rises in women. To put it in a nutshell, biologically, autumn is the best time to feel good!

Women are more attracting

Also, men would be much less demanding in the fall than at other times of the year. In particular, with regard to the defects of their partners. In addition, the majority of the men interviewed admit to finding women more attractive in the fall than in the summer. That would be due, with the way they dress. The fact of wearing more layers of clothing would awaken their imagination more. So ladies, do not hesitate to cover you to seduce.😏🤗

The right time to make a baby

Have you ever wondered why we see so many pregnant women willing to have sex in the summer? The answer is again, because autumn is a time for sex and fertilization. So it’s the best time to conceive your mini-you and schedule the baby-shower between June and September.

Autumn : the Post-break up period

As we know, summer is THE time of separation. However, the sun, the heat, the evenings and the encounters make it possible to manage solitude very (very) well. All the more so, since getting together as a couple during the summer period is not a wish shared by everyone. Autumn is here again and all this little world is still single. Ready to be in a couple to start a stable and lasting relationship.

Get ready for winter

You already know that temperatures will continue to drop over the next 4 months. With the night coming quickly, the goal of many is not to be alone during the winter. On the program: hugs, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, Christmas parties and sex. Are you single? We advise you to quickly find a partner who will bring you comfort to face the coming period. In fact, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can introduce you to your ideal partner!

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