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Asexuality refers to the fact of not feeling attraction, sexual desire. That it is towards others or oneself. To be exact, it also includes people who feel little sexual attraction. Asexuality is not well known today. This is because of the small percentage of people who are asexual. In the United Kingdom, Anthony Bogaert conducted a study of 18,000 people, in which 1% responded that they had never been attracted to anyone sexually. We therefore suggest that you learn a little more about asexuality.  

A little known sexual orientation

Although, some still dispute this, asexuality is a sexual orientation in the same way as heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality. Furthermore, it is useful to remember that a love relationship is not synonymous with a sexual relationship. For example, asexuals may desire a romantic relationship without wishing to engage in sexual acts. The causes can be diverse. As well as the attraction felt.

Thus, a heteromaniac is a person who only wants a love relationship with a person of the opposite sex. In contrast, a homoromaniac is a person who is only attracted to people of the same sex as himself. As you can guess, a biromantic can be attracted to people of the same sex or not. A panromantic, does not take into consideration the sex of a person and the aromantic is characterized by the absence of romantic attraction.

Be a Asexual nowadays

Unfortunately, asexuality can be a problem today. Especially in the society in which we find ourselves, where hypersexualization is omnipresent. Whether it’s on TV, on social networks, listening to a song or watching a movie… As we know, sex is everywhere because it sells. For an asexual person, the most complicated period can be adolescence.  It is often during this phase that the first sexual experiences take place. Asexual people can be confused when they realize that their feelings about sex are different from those of others. Without explanation and support, they may believe that they have a problem, mental or otherwise.  As they reach adulthood, they may force themselves to try to be like others.  Despite this, sexual attraction will not increase. It is therefore necessary to understand that asexuality is not a disease or a choice.


Have sex when you are asexual

A large majority of asexual people admit to having had sexual intercourse in the past. The reasons are diverse: to try it or to be like the others. To have children, to please their partner…


Asexuality in a couple

Obviously, asexuality and couple life are not incompatible. Moreover, it is quite possible that one or both partners are asexual. However, as with any relationship, a healthy foundation is required. Thus, from the outset, it is necessary to be clear and honest.  For couples where only one partner is asexual, do not hesitate to consult a professional if necessary. It will allow you to learn more about asexuality and how to live with it.
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