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You have succeeded in approaching the being that you wanted so much, the hour of the first date is approaching! It is an important moment, so stress and excitement can overwhelm you. To put all the chances on your side and thus transform this appointment into the beginning of a serious relationship, it is important to have all the keys in hand to be as serene as possible. How to best understand this famous first date?

First Step : meeting

You have met someone in the evening, at a friend’s house, you have convinced them to meet you face to face. Perfect, now you have to stay the course, confirm and concretize this mutual interest. This first meeting, this first step is therefore very important in the seduction process. It lays the groundwork for a potential future relationship. Of course, many things can disturb your mind and your serenity at the approach of this moment. On the other hand, you are not playing with your life or the position of General Manager of your company! Your love life won’t be played out on this one hour appointment, you’re not getting married… so relax!

Next step : the first date

This is precisely one of the keys to a successful first meeting, no stress! As mentioned above, if you have succeeded in getting this date, it is because the person likes you a minimum. Relativize, you are there to have a good time in a nice place, with a woman/man you like. If you are not comfortable, you will feel uncomfortable and will reduce your chances of passing successfully this step.

Third step : the outfit

Another aspect that counts a lot during this first date: your outfit and more generally your physical appearance! There is obviously no perfect outfit for this occasion, but, some faux pas are to be avoided. First of all, don’t wear your outfit for the big days, you don’t go up the steps of the Cannes Film Festival, you must show off your best, while being at ease with your look because it will show. But that doesn’t mean you have to go for the total jogging look!

Fourth step: the presentation

Ladies, don’t overdo the makeup on the first date, men prefer natural women. Other big pitfalls to avoid (men and women): hair and nails that are not cared for, a bad smell or a damaged pair of shoes!

Step Five: Attitude

Finally, on the attitude side, don’t monopolize the conversation. Talk about yourself, yes, but also show interest in the person in front of you. Avoid discussing too intimate or sensitive subjects such as religion or your political ideas. This is only the first date, so keep the topics fun and lighter. It’s better not to be too enterprising, it’s only the first date and gentlemen, be gentlemanly, polite and elegant!

More advices

As for those who have difficulty in getting a first date or making encounters, why not go through agencies specializing in romantic encounters? You will have the guarantee to find a person who suits you, and moreover if you have trouble with appointments, you could be coached and thus more prepared!

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