Is it necessary to be romantic to seduce a woman?

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Romanticism is surely the most widespread, the most famous tool to seduce a woman, but is it still what they expect from men nowadays?

To be too romantic, ready to do anything for a woman, to be too nice may give the impression that you hide a lack of confidence, a lack of strength of character that may scare women away.


Romanticism is not necessarily the best solution to seduce women. In fact, seducing by being romantic is certainly a mistake. In general, women like romanticism in spite of everything, even if it is not enough.

They expect their partners to pay attention. Indeed, you can use small sweet words, dinners for two, romantic walks. Moreover, these attentions allow more to maintain the relationship of a couple already formed.

Let’s face it, gentlemen! During the first phases of seduction, if you don’t want to stop at the good buddy stage, avoid being too nice and romantic during first encounters.

Confident men attract more women. Those who make them laugh even if it means making fun of them a little. Or those who are not constantly at their feet even if they ignore them from time to time. Instead, maintain the mystery, the confident side of you and humor. In addition, you will have every chance of transforming the “trial” and thus seducing your beautiful one. Indeed, if you try to be too nice, helpful and at her feet, she may not let herself be tamed for fear of getting bored…

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