What is your love language?

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According to bestselling author Gary Chapman, we communicate with each other differently. The same is true for love. To understand your partner, you need to learn to identify and speak his or her language. Gary Chapman therefore identifies 5 types of language, 5 means of expression through which we can show our love.

Language 1: Valuing Words

If your partner appreciates this kind of language, it means that he or she is sensitive to compliments but also to encouragement and kind words. To fill his or her heart with love, don’t hesitate to give it to him or her. This will boost him/her and give him/her more energy that he/she will be able to give back to you.

Language 2: quality moments

For people who are more sensitive to quality moments, they particularly appreciate the moments of exchange and the attention that can be given to them. Take a few minutes to just be with each other. Choose a weekend every month or one evening per week that will be reserved only for your couple. Turn off your phone and listen to him, share activities together, talk to him, let him express himself. Talk about anything and everything but the important thing is to find this magic between you.

Language 3: Gifts

If you or your partner speaks this language, it does not mean that it is venal. A gift in a romantic relationship can be a little note left on the table before leaving for work, offer a bouquet of flowers. The important thing is the symbol behind the gesture. Offering a gift also means offering a little bit of yourself to the other person.

Language 4: services provided

Usually, a person who uses this means of communication does not necessarily communicate in words. It is in his actions that he shows his affection. He wants to please, to help, to make the other person happy by relieving him of a domestic task, by offering him an activity.

Language 5: Physical contact

Here, we are not necessarily talking about sex per se, even if it obviously counts in the life of a couple. We are talking about small physical attentions such as a stolen kiss, a caress, a massage, a hand on the neck while you watch TV…

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