Mistakes made by women during a date

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During a date, it happens that one of our gestures or an attitude can jeopardize this very important moment.

Ladies, so as not to ruin this date, here are some mistakes usually made that you can avoid.

Being too clingy during the date

A date, most importantly the first date, is the right time to discover more about your date(s).

The people in front of you will try to get to know you better, to discover you. This is not the time to show them your faults.

Stay relaxed, cool, don’t be too demanding and above all, avoid showing them all your interest right away, you risk scaring them away.

Check your phone

When meeting someone in love, whether it’s on the 1st or 5th date, avoid looking at your phone at all times as this is one of the types of women that men hate the most.

It is the least polite way to be polite to your interlocutor. This is not the time to talk to your best friend or sister.

Focus on the people in front of you or they will think they didn’t like you. Worse, that you are trying to escape this moment of intimacy.

Pretend to be someone else

This moment of encounter is the opportunity to truly discover one another. Avoid playing a character in order to seduce. In fact, they will necessarily realize the lie and will have a bad impression of you. Moreover,  learn that no one is perfect, that everyone has qualities and faults. Accept yours, be yourself.

Talk too much

Beware, talking non-stop, being too talkative is one of the worst flaws women can have, at least according to men. Even if the atmosphere is more relaxed if you are talkative, even if you break the ice, be careful not to talk too much, you may exasperate or annoy your interlocutor. You may exasperate or annoy the person you’re talking to, so learn how to listen to them, react to what they say and pay attention.

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