How should women seduce a man?

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To seduce a man you like :

Be careful to remain modest and avoid boasting to seduce a man, it can frighten him! If you are too sure of yourself, he will find you pretentious or even worse, he will fear that he will never be up to the task in front of you. This seduction attempt will then end in failure. To be effective ladies, seduction requires a lot of subtlety. You will therefore have to appeal to your intelligence, in this case ask about his tastes, his passions, his hobbies and his wishes of course!

Show him that you are there for him because men also like to be shown interest.

You can also seduce a man with humor, because by laughing, he will gain confidence and be easily seduced. Avoid starting an appointment by asking him for his “CV”, his profession, his social level so that he doesn’t put you in the “interested” box. Avoid being noticed by the whole room or restaurant, the idea is rather to put the man at ease, without putting yourself too much forward so as not to destabilize him. A simple and relaxed attitude will bring out your natural class, so avoid speaking too loudly. Men hate that and you risk embarrassing them, especially if they are shy.

Animate the conversation without monopolizing it in order to put your conquest at ease. Also, try not to focus the conversation on yourself at the risk of appearing narcissistic. Make him feel relaxed to talk to you naturally without making him feel like he’s on the scene of an exam or an interrogation. Take care of your physical appearance and clothing. Get ready without overdoing it. A natural and light make-up and a seductive but not too showy outfit. Be beautiful but not provocative. Men will be afraid of a woman who will be in perpetual search of seduction. If he wants to commit, he will be afraid of a woman who attracts too much attention.

Respect these basic principles to seduce a man ladies and your date will certainly start a beautiful story.



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