How do I prepare for a date?

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Be yourself

When approaching a date, we want to please, it’s normal. But, gentlemen, is that a reason to put on a suit when you only wear one for weddings? No! You shouldn’t take the first T-shirt that falls into your hand, a well-ironed shirt will do the trick. So what do you do ?

Take your time in the bathroom, comb your hair, shave, take care of yourself, don’t look neglected! And you ladies, a light dress in summer is the ideal compromise between class and lightness. Put on just the right amount of makeup, just to have a radiant complexion, but don’t overdo it. Men like the natural more than the superficial.

Deal with your stress

With such a date approaching, it is normal to be a little stressed. You can help by calling a friend who can help you relax. Finally, don’t be anxious, if the person has accepted your appointment, it means that a chemistry is being created between you, you are not starting from scratch.

The date is close

You were far-sighted, so you have a few minutes head start. So take the opportunity to do something you like, read a magazine, watch some videos on the net… In short, relax! The date time has arrived, so last check. Take a few seconds to look at yourself in the mirror, readjust your collar, put your rebellious wick back in place, no piece of salad between your teeth? Then you can go, and don’t be late, in addition to stressing yourself, it would give a bad impression !

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