Active and independent woman, a brake to please men?

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You are a woman with a fulfilled professional situation, particularly dynamic and active. Independent in life, you are self-sufficient and do not need anyone but a half to complement you. Also while bringing you calm and serenity. The snag, your business woman side tends to frighten and repel men who cross your path. Do you really scare men? How can you go against this film that keeps repeating itself and finally find love?

A priori, you have everything for you: charming, intelligent, a booming career, stability and financial independence? We can say that you have succeeded in everything. But the fact is that you are struggling to build a stable relationship and find the man of your life.

At a certain point, this situation begins to weigh on you. All the more so because everyone around you is beginning to build stable relationships. In spite of your efforts, men are struggling to find a place alongside the active woman that you are, stopping at the image you show without getting to know you. So there must be one or more things wrong with you. What are they?

How to deal with it?

First of all, when you’re in front of a man, you don’t necessarily bring out the right assets. As in your work, in your active life, you tend to want to control everything, to decide. However, it is essential to dissociate your professional life from your private life. Beyond your skills, you need to learn to put forward your human qualities, your femininity and anything else that has nothing to do with your work. Generally speaking, men will not be able to thrive with a woman who is controlling everything. Indeed, they will feel transparent, almost useless, so their pride will take quite a blow!

Seduction and control are not compatible, a love date is not a job interview. Don’t approach love in a competitive way, it won’t give you many results. So let go and let your natural charm come out, you will be all the more attractive and seductive. Also accept that you are not in control of everything when it comes to dating. The very principle of love attraction and seduction implies letting go and abandoning oneself, behaviors impossible when one is perpetually in total control.

Of course, we do not ask you to erase this side of your life and your personality since they are assets. The important thing is not to put it too much in the foreground at the risk of erasing your human side. Be more accessible and natural. The more you let yourself go, the more beautiful your encounters will be. Finally, if you manage to find your half, leave room for your partner, be attentive and accept that you don’t necessarily have to manage everything by yourself.

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