Love and physical attraction

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When you are single and you meet someone you like, sometimes your mind tends to get carried away quickly. Physical attraction and love get mixed up : in those moments, everything is no longer very clear. We are then more sure of nothing, we think we are in love when in reality it’s not quite that… Is a strong attraction for the other person necessarily synonymous with a state of love? How can we be sure of our feelings and not confuse attraction and love?

Feeling in love is a beautiful, complex and above all unique thing. It is therefore difficult to find a strict definition. We sometimes think we experience it when in reality it is something else like physical attraction. Physical attraction and desire can be so present that it makes you think it is about love. Your senses blind you. Out of a relationship based solely on desire risks disappointing you in the long run. Indeed, on the one hand this desire can run out of steam very quickly. Finally, you have missed the character and personality of your partner because you were focused on his physique.

In the end, you realize that this will not necessarily please you or correspond to you over time.

Advice n°1 : Attraction

A lasting and healthy relationship can of course start from a story centered on physical attraction. However, be aware that attraction rarely leads to real love. This being said, we are not saying that you don’t have to desire to love, quite the contrary! If it is certain that it is not necessary to be in love with a person to feel desire. We rarely love a person without desiring him or her a little or without liking him or her. It is all about knowing how to make a difference. Moreover, it should not take precedence during a process of love encounter based on the long term.

Advice n°2 : between attraction and true love

Making the difference between real love and physical attraction will help you avoid certain mistakes, suffering and help you build a lasting relationship. But then how can you make the difference? Of course, in the beginning of a relationship, physical attraction is an almost obligatory passage since it is what allowed you to pass the first “barriers” of the meeting. But as time goes by, how does this relationship evolve? Are attraction and desire still at the center of your couple? Or have you started to build things together? Maybe the beginning of projects or any other symbol that means your relationship is evolving? If the answers to these questions are negative, you need to start analyzing your feelings. You should also try to understand your partner’s feelings.

Beyond these questions, there are more trivial things that can give you a clue. For example, if you can only speak or describe your partner in physical terms or if you have difficulty projecting yourself…

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