All about love at first sight

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It happens when you don’t expect it. A sensation of pure happiness, a unique and extraordinary feeling worthy of the greatest fairy tales… We are obviously talking about the famous love at first sight. Everyone talks about it, everyone dreams about it, but what is it really like? Chance or destiny? Should we be afraid of this formidable and uncontrollable feeling at the same time?

The impression of having met the woman or man of your life, the famous “butterflies in the belly”, the heart that gets excited… so many signs of it! Deep down, who has never wanted to live this moment that seems so intense? Usually, we are used to say that it can touch anyone, anywhere and at any time. Indeed, each one of us can probably live the “love at first sight”, including those who do not necessarily want it. However, certain conditions must be present.

Although it is not something we necessarily seek or wait for to multiply our chances of experiencing it, we must be available and unconsciously detached from our old stories or other attachments. It is necessary to leave room for chance, love at first sight requires a certain openness. However, this statement should be qualified because, in matters of love, everything is never black or white! As proof, some people, although committed, say they have been struck by this uncontrollable love shock.

A dangerous feeling?

Beyond these beautiful and unique sensations, it may turn out to be less idyllic than it seems. Although it is possible to fall in love like that, it is not necessarily a guarantee of longevity and absolute happiness. At the time of love at first sight, one necessarily idealizes the other. But after a while, reality will take over. Your chosen one will turn out to be less perfect than expected. If this seems impossible to you, it is important not to get carried away too quickly and keep a certain distance in front of all this sentimental upheaval.

There is a real risk. The one that the other doesn’t feel this love at first sight. Indeed, this love shock is not necessarily reciprocal and this is indeed there, the drama. You have made the film of a perfect and passionate love story because you thought you had found a being that corresponds perfectly to you. Unfortunately, reality does not always agree. You have to respect your choices and the fact that your feelings are not shared. Indeed, in love one does not force the other. In these cases, there is no other solution than to try to forget and move on to something else while relativizing to avoid causing suffering.

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