The age difference in love

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You’ve met someone you particularly like. It’s going pretty well. The only snag is that this person is much older or younger than you are. So you are reluctant to give yourself up fully in this budding relationship because of the age difference. But is it really a handicap that will prevent you from living a long and beautiful story? Let’s take stock of these age differences…

First point on age difference

Although it has become quite common, society is not really used to age differences in couples. The norm is for men to be older than women. It’s almost a tradition. But fortunately, Love does not always respect the rules and codes dictated by this society.

Many people who are resistant to the age difference argue that women who date older men are either looking for a father figure. Unconsciously or not, to have some security and stability. Or in a more venal way, for financial reasons and for their socio-cultural levels.

On the side of men who go out with younger women, the bad tongues speak of men looking for a second youth (which is not necessarily negative). They just want to have fun and have stories with no future. Although cases like these exist (necessarily), they are not a majority, far from it.

Second point on the age difference

On one hand, if some find themselves with younger or older partners, it is simply due to the chance of encounters and love. Concerning women, some do not find happiness with men of their generation. They therefore turn to older men who are supposed to have a certain maturity, intelligence, experience and vision of life that is lacking in the younger ones. On the other hand, some men go to younger women for their freshness. They bring them a beneficial energy that pushes them and gives them the impression of being “reborn”. In this sense, age differences are not necessarily a handicap.

Third point on age difference

There are also some women who go to men a few years younger than they are, but are not listed in the “Couguar” box. In general, these women have already lived a first union, have often had children, separated or divorced. They turn to younger men because they too need to know that they are still seductive. Perhaps also that their children raised, they feel again the need to “mother” in any case to be in the care of a younger man. In return, these men bring them what they are looking for so much: the feeling of being always as beautiful and desirable even in the face of the passage of time…

Fourth point on age difference

However, this article would be misleading and incomplete without mentioning the obstacles that these couples encounter. First of all, there is the look that your entourage and society has on you. It is not always (or even rarely) benevolent, so it can quickly weaken you if your attachment is not strong. Also, the youngest person in the couple may want to have children in the more or less near future. This can be a problem for the older person, who may not have the desire or the means to do so. Other obstacles can arise such as differences in tastes and visions of life, libido.


Don’t let these obstacles discourage you. If you meet someone you like, why not try the adventure? All couples encounter obstacles, whether there is an age difference or not. You just have to be ready to make certain concessions, to face the look of others and the bad tongues. You must also get used to the idea that you will not have the same aspirations and desires. Finally, on a daily basis, don’t put this difference in the middle of everything, try to forget it and put yourself on an equal footing.

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