4 signs that a man wants to leave you

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For some time now, you may feel that your man is no longer the same. He seems “elsewhere”, he is often tense and above all he doesn’t look at you the way he used to. As a result, you begin to doubt his feelings. What if he wants to leave you? How do you find out? Here are a few signs that can already put a bullet in your ea

He comes home later

When a relationship becomes complicated or when the man starts to feel differently than he did at the beginning, he tends to look for a way out and usually it works. He thus seeks to escape his problems or responsibilities in what he has mastered in order to feel useful again. This prevents him from feeling guilty and gives him the impression that he is in control.

Your man no longer offers you romantic outings

Whether it’s for two or three people or with friends. You realize that it’s been a while since you’ve shared a moment together. In the beginning, your man was proud and happy to introduce you to his friends or colleagues, but today, you are no longer invited to these evenings. He prefers to go alone, to “clear his head” and enjoy with his friends.

He only deals with neutral topics of conversation

With him, you only talk about mundane things: the weather, what he ate at the restaurant. But he no longer has any travel plans with you, he no longer talks about your upcoming vacations, he no longer discusses anything about the future. Intimate subjects do not interest him because he knows that it will end soon. This distance serves to neutralize any feelings and to divert to something else.

He becomes physically distant with you

In addition to this distance on the level of ideas, it is also on the physical level that he seeks to distance himself from you. He no longer holds your hand, no longer makes tender gestures when. Finally, his body language wants to be explicit and expresses what his heart cannot formulate.

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