How to get along with my companion’s friends

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Indeed, understanding within the couple is essential. The harmony between you and your companion is a determining factor for your future projects.

Understanding within a couple or a trouple

Of course, sharing your companion’s daily life also means being in close contact with his entourage and therefore his close friends. Does the idea of meeting them stress you?  It’s an important step, and a little stressful it must be recognized! Don’t panic: whether you meet them over dinner or over a drink, here are a few tips to help you hit the nail on the head during this meeting !

Show them that you’re not stopping them from seeing and spending time with them. You respect your companion friendship and the fact that it’s been going on for a long time. And you have no intention of keeping them away from each other. You want to stay close to your friends. Finally, you love each other but both of you want to keep your network together.

Show interest for your companion

Show interest. Even if it’s difficult to take part in anecdotes that link your companion to his or her friends, show interest or ask questions, bounce back on certain topics. Participate in conversations to the fullest extent possible! Smiles and good humour. Be smiling and pleasant, it’s always easier to get to know each other in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The more relaxed you are, the better the meeting will be.

Moreover, we take care of the presentation. Of course, everyone will prefer to be at his or her advantage in this situation, but don’t overdo it either. Show yourself in your best light, yes, but don’t overdo it with artifice or extravagance. Finally, the most important thing. Be yourself, and show that you make their friend happy. They necessarily care about their friend’s well-being, if they see that you are happy together, you will score points and you will be more easily accepted.

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