Opposite character: can we live together?

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Within the couple, feelings and daily life are punctuated by exchanges, sharing, complicity and debates! Indeed, it sometimes happens that we fall in love with a person whose character is very different from ours. Thus, the characters sometimes find themselves opposed. However, the feelings exist and yet you agree on nothing. Hobbies, hobbies, character, profession or education… The differences within the couple can be as numerous as they are varied.

So what about the adage “opposites attract”? First of all, we must make a distinction that seems obvious but that it is important to remember: being attracted to a person who is opposed to us is one thing, living with them on a daily basis, building a stable and harmonious relationship is another and requires much more, on your side as well as on his or her side.

How can we live this relationship on a daily basis? Can one really live with one’s opposite?

Understanding the situation :

To take stock of this relationship, to know whether or not you can project yourself, it is important to determine what unites you with this person. Simple questions can help you see more clearly and understand the essence of the relationship.

Although very different, do you have a point or points that have brought you closer? Or are you attracted by this character that is so different from yours?

What are these differences about?

Do these antagonistic characters and points of view prevent you from communicating serenely, calmly with the other?

Do you manage to talk about similar projects, to have a common direction?

What to keep in mind :

If you have real feelings, if you have plans in common, then it would be a shame not to give this story a chance. Keep in mind that you will have to make concessions to make this relationship evolve. Don’t stubbornly stand your ground.

Empathy can be a very good ally in finding a little harmony within your relationship: respect the other person and their ideas, you might even see things from a different angle sometimes!

Enrich and support the dialogue: this will prevent misunderstandings from arising.

Be objective about your differences: some differences don’t affect the harmony of the couple, others do. If these differences prevent you from looking in the same direction, then the relationship may not be right for you. Don’t forget that to make a story last, joint projects are essential!

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