Frequent arguments: how to calm down gambling?

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Tensions are inevitable in a couple! Indeed, we are different and arguments allow us to get to know each other a little better. Thus, the lack of communication is often the cause of these tensions. It is therefore necessary to talk regularly about common projects, to know how the other one is doing… Regular exchanges thanks to which we avoid conflicts.

Indeed, before starting a conversation with your companion, it is always a good idea to ask yourself a few questions to clarify the situation and get to the bottom of the problem. Thus, do not hesitate to share these questions with him/her, so that he/she also thinks about it on his/her side.

The right questions

– How long have you been together? Also, when did these fights start?

– Is it a result of an event of which you are aware (Work-related stress, financial or health concerns, birth of a child, fatigue …)

– Moreover, what subjects trigger these conflicts?

– What do you blame each other for (division of labor, work schedules, lack of attention, desire to control everything…)

– Does this situation have an impact on your intimate life?

– Do those around you (your respective families, your children if you have any, your friends) feel these tensions?

Rest assured, the situation is not inextricable. To ease these tensions, don’t stand in your corner and watch the situation deteriorate, talk about it!

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