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Glamour For Three :

The new concept,a polyamorous dating agency for relationship for three

Why Glamor for three?

Glamor For Three is a polyamorous dating agency that exists to allow polyamorous people to find the ideal three-way relationship. Indeed, Glamor for All is love for All. That is, polyamory has no nationality and can be applied to all types of sexual orientation: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc.

Although polyamory is the subject of much controversy, it is not based solely on carnal pleasure. Above all, it emanates from a common desire, where polyamorous people want to maintain a serious and healthy relationship. This is why our polyamorous dating agency wants each member to have their place, to feel free, loved and fulfilled. In polyamory, there is NO JEALOUSY.

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Polyamour pour Trois

Your polyamorous dating agency new concept, same goal

We hold your hand on the path to love! Therefore, a team of professionals trained by Guerda, famous Love coach in France, will offer you high quality services. So they will do everything to satisfy your every needs.

The high-end dating agency, Glamour For Three ensures an optimal proximity, even during the pandemic. In fact, you agency is adapting to the actual health crisis: the interviews can take place either physically or online, through video chats.  Also , our website is available in French:

So join now the first polyamorous dating agency, for a relationship as three, Glamour For Three, Glamour For Three. As a new agency on French territory, she adapts and proposes video meetings via Skype or Whatsapp. Moreover, it is possible to make appointments with our team, in our offices in Paris and Bordeaux.

Your dating agency for everyone In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In short, the only way to be part of our members is to adhere to this beautiful concept, which is Polyamour for Three. This is why, if the notions of “sharing for three, emotion, passion, consent” lie dormant within you, Glamor for Three, Polyamour for Three welcomes you and accompanies you in the search for love.

You can benefit from our services and our experience in the following locations: Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux, Dijon, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia, Ajaccio, and also in Brussels, Geneva, and Luxembourg, in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Barcelona…

In addition, for our international polyamorous, we have also developed the site in English,

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Glamour For Three, your high-end dating agency will help your through your research of polyamorous partners. Our goal is to find YOUR perfect match. In fact, our team is experienced and is ready to make all of your wishes come true, join Glamour For Three.

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The essence of Glamour For Three is polyamory. With Glamour For Three, love unconditionally. Our team will accompany you and guide toward a fully lived love story for three. Our objective is to match you with the ideal partners for life

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Our different subscriptions at Glamour For Three cost between 3 500€ and 8 900€. Our fees vary depending on your relationship status and the search area you wish for. You also got a break option if you want to interrupt your contract for some time

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Considered as misfits, polyamourous individuals had to hide to live their lives and experiences. However, nowadays, they finally are ready to be heard. Discover the emotional stories of these three parts couples who reached happiness thanks to us.


Glamour For Three : your innovative and dedicated dating agency

Dating agency for serious polyamorous relationships

Glamour For Three is a dating agency for polyamorous relationships which goal is to put through people willing to build a stable and lasting polyamorous relationship as three. We ensure a high-end service, in line with our members need.

Our clientele is looking for serious and sincere relationships, between three people coming from the same socio-cultural background and sharing the same values. Moreover, we are the first dating agency to realize video conferences! Thus, Glamour For Three is the assurance of being listened to, taking in consideration and respected by our very open minded team

We are looking for the polyamours made for you

Do you want to experience a real love story? So come meet us. Our high-end dating agency establishes your profile, defines your expectations and your desires and conducts research with respect, tolerance and the most complete anonymity, thus guaranteeing its members.

In order to avoid scams and false profiles, the Glamor For Three team carefully checks the profiles of polyamovers registered.

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1 year

2 100 €

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3 000 €

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3 900 €

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5 700 €

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